The Nummo Reviews and Media Information
Dogon and Celtic Symbolism in American Indigenous Cultures

November 2012
Red Ice Radio Interview on The Nummo.

Spring 2010
Dreamtime and the Dogon, New Dawn Magazine Special Issue 13, History is Wrong

September 2008
Our Lost Truth

May 2008
Jesus Christ Under Scrutiny

Nov 2005
Guest on The Edge Radio with Daniel Ott

June 2005 updated February 2008
1. Shugborough Coat of Arms and the Dogon Religion
2. Shugborough, the Anson Family and Herculaneum
Information on the Dogon and the Nummo is taken from my two books. Visitors who have not read these two books may not get full value from these articles.

Spring 2004
Avalon Magazine Book Review

Oct. 9 2003
Dr. Richard Boylan Reports

Sept. 16, 2003
Independent Dogon Researchers Agree About DNA

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