Overview of The Nummo
(also Nommo)

Dorey's research shows that the African Dogon religion existed in Africa long before humans migrated to other areas of the world. In The Nummo she reveals examples of the Dogon religion in the Arthurian Legends, the Book of Kells, the Masonic Society, the Merovingian myths and various ancient cultures including the Maya.

Below is the Table of Contents to give the reader and idea of the subjects covered in The Nummo.

ChapterTable of ContentsPage
1.The Master (Mistress) of Speech1
2.Heaven's Smiths (Sample Chapter)19
3.The Arthurian Mythos32
4.Odin and Rosslyn Chapel51
5.Iaw and the Jackal65
6.The Celtic Cross76
7.The Symbol of the Word94
8.Trees and the Alphabet102
9.The Cord of God118
10.The Om Symbol126
11.The Door of the World136
12.The Pegu and Regeneration142
13.The Cathars152
14The Jackal's Circumcision160
15.The Book of Kells169
16.The Days of the Week183
17.Molecular Genetics191
18.The Maya and Aztec Associations208
19.The Chinese Connection222
20.The Silk Funeral Banner240
21.Gnosticism and the Failed Experiment251
22.Mary Magdalene and the Bridal Chamber263
23.Greek Mythology and the Hunt279
24.Mother Scorpion and Asclepius287
25.Amma and the Ammonites294
26.The Impure Earth of the Fox310
27.The Cosmos326
The Conclusion339
Reference Notes363

The Dogon religion is analyzed in detail in The Nummo. If you would like to contact the author, email sd@themasterofspeech.com or follow this link if you would like to read a Sample Chapter.

This is Dorey's second book on the Dogon religion. The first, The Master (Mistress) Of Speech was first published in 2002 and has been revised several times, with the last one being in 2018. All of her books are listed to the right.